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Standing Up in a Lab that's Completely MMAD

April 17, 2017

The Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab (MMAD Lab) is hosting “Open Doors,” an invitation for the community to experience the motion capture and digital video studio through a live demonstration. 

It starts at 11 a.m. and wraps up at noon tomorrow, Wednesday April 19, in 24A Bohannon Hall, off of 1201Ordean Court.

The demonstration is research brought to life– that of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Dr. Kristine Snyder and her student Jennifer Schweitz. They’re trying to see if movement and muscle activation patterns differ between novice and expert stand up paddle boarders. “We’re hypothesizing that more experienced paddle boarders will use stronger, proximal muscles to propel them forward,” explains Snyder. They also think there’s a difference in the overall muscle. “The results will help us understand whether training is required to minimize the chances of injury and what injuries could happen, even to experienced paddle boarders.”

Snyder and Schweitz will use motion capture to study the paddle boarders’ finite movements in answer to their questions.

The MMAD Lab is a high-tech fueling of artistic wonder and groundbreaking research that features force plates and 12 Vicon motion capture cameras. The studio is a professional, three-camera, live video facility with a switcher, director's box, sustainable LED lighting and light board, a sound booth, and chromakey area.

It opened two years ago and was partially funded as part of the University of Minnesota I-3 Grant, proposed by UMD faculty from Computer Science, Exercise Science, Digital Art & Photography, Mechanical Engineering, and Theatre.

More information about the MMAD Lab.