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The Promethean Newsletter

Greetings! We are very excited to bring to you this new initiative from the UMD School of Fine Arts which we have called The Promethean. In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus to bring down to humans, an act that led to the development of arts and civilization. Our goal is to bring awareness to current activities in SFA to you, as well as bring attention to the wonderful achievements of fellow SFA alumni. Our goal is to produce two issues of The Promethean this academic year, and four in subsequent years. 

The faculty, students and staff at SFA want you to know that we are not only very proud of everything you have accomplished since you graduated, but that we would like to see you back to hear and view what the faculty and students are working on now. In the near future, we will be informing you of alumni events in the units of SFA, and I hope you will know how important you are to the success and growth of SFA. 

If you haven’t done so recently, please take a moment to visit UMD Alumni Relations and update your contact information, and provide some information on your current activities on that same page. We very much want to know what you’ve been doing since you earned your degree and want to celebrate the achievements of SFA graduates!

PDF iconThe Promethean Newsletter | Fall 2018