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How Credits Transfer

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Here you will find everything you need as you begin your journey here as an SFA Bulldog.

Transferring from one university to another can be complicated, but the following resources are designed to streamline the process and help you navigate the steps to assure that your previous courses have been evaluated for credit at UMD.

Admissions information for potential transfer students

How might your coursework transfer to UMD?

UMD uses a Transfer Course Evaluation system called Transferology. This system is a database of many universities’ and colleges’ coursework, which includes transfer course equivalencies. With Transferology, you can answer the question "Will my courses transfer?" by starting an account and adding coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences to see how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when you transfer. You can also search options for taking classes at another school to transfer back to UMD by using their "Find a Replacement Course" feature.

How did your coursework transfer to UMD?
As a transfer student already at UMD, you might have found that not all of your previous coursework transferred as expected within your major or liberal education requirements. Upon admission you should have received a copy of your EVALUATION OF TRANSFER COURSES, which categorized your courses into 1 of 3 categories:

  • Courses that have been accepted for transfer credit (direct equivalencies for UMD courses or elective credits)

  • Transfer allowed only upon approval of appropriate department (see below to read “What to do if you think your coursework isn’t transferring correctly”)

  • Course does not transfer to the University of Minnesota Duluth

An additional copy of your EVALUATION OF TRANSFER CREDIT can be printed at the Advising & Academic Services office, 107 Montague.

What to do if you think your coursework isn’t transferring correctly?

If you have a course that is currently falling in the category “Transfer allowed only upon approval of appropriate department,” you need to complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation process:

  • Obtain the syllabus from your previous college for any course you wish to have evaluated for transfer.

  • Complete the Transfer Course Evaluation form, attach the course syllabus, and submit them both to your Collegiate Advising Office:

    • College of Education & Human Service Professions: 120 Bohannon Hall

    • College of Liberal Arts: 310 Kirby Plaza

    • Labovitz School of Business & Economics: 111A LSBE

    • School of Fine Arts: 107 Montague Hall

    • Swenson College of Science & Engineering:

  • The Collegiate Advising Office will then disperse the form and syllabus to the appropriate department for review, and a final decision will be sent to you via email.