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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Similar to applying for a grant, students submit creative research proposals that are evaluated by a SFA UROP committee. Awardees are then announced and receive a stipend and expenses to move forward with their project. Applications are accepted in the fall and spring. Find out more about the program and who is eligible.

Interested in Applying for a UROP? Follow these initial steps.

  1. Fill out electronic UROP application 
  2. Fill out the Faculty Mentor Reference form in coordination with your faculty Mentor
  3. Submit the Electronic UROP App along with the Faculty Mentor Reference form to the Twin Cities UROP Office
  4. Be patient while your application is under review *Note during this wait time your collegiate office will receive successfully completed applications from the Twin Cities Campus first and then will move onto review by the SFA UROP Committee. If you have any questions concerning the status of your application please contact Arden Weaver (contact info below)
  5. The SFA Dean's Office will send out notification the approval of your UROP award

Additional Resources for UROP Participants

  • Final Report Information - This is a necessary step for all participants. If you have completed or are near completion of your project, check this out.

  • Extension form - Print it out, fill it out, sign it and return it to the address listed.

  • Faculty Evaluation Form (doc)
    *note form downloads will be available shortly