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Advising & Registration for Current Students

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SFA utilizes faculty advisors, experts in each field of study

Academic Advising

The University of Minnesota Duluth supports faculty advising - every student is paired with a faculty advisor from day one. SFA students are required to meet with their advisor at least once each semester to discuss academic planning and progress towards a degree. Faculty advisors are excellent mentors for students and are instrumental in career and future planning.

Students can find out who their faculty advisor is by checking the official posting site for the home department (Art & Design: 317 Humanities; Music: 231 Humanities; Theatre: 141 MPAC), by viewing their APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) reports, by viewing their transcripts, or by opening Graduation Planner.

Students may also request a change of advisor by visiting their home department office. To ensure that students meet with their advisors, the school places an “advising hold” on the student record, which prevents course registration until after the advisor meeting occurs. Do you see a hold listed on your record even though you’ve had your advisor meeting? Don’t panic - check the “effective date” of the hold, which may be a future date that will not prevent your registration for the current semester.

Supplemental advising is available through appointment with the SFA Academic Advisor (Stacy Crawford,; 218-726-8436) in Montague 111.

Student responsibility in advising

Students in the School of Fine Arts should prepare for advising appointments by bringing a list of planned courses for the next semester. Faculty advisors may also request additional documents for the appointment, such as: a printed copy of the APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) report or printed copy of the Graduation Planner. Advising appointments and expectations may vary - please pay close attention to any email correspondence from faculty advisors.

Register for classes

1. Review and carry out the steps in UMD’s Registration Checklist to ensure that you are prepared and able to complete the registration process each semester.

Once you have created your tentative schedule, meet with your faculty advisor and obtain any necessary permission numbers. Now you are ready to register at your scheduled registration date and time (or later).

2. Sign onto the MyU Portal and click on the Registration tab to see your earliest registration time and to begin enrolling once that time arrives.

Peer Advisors

The School of Fine Arts also offers a peer advisement program that supplements faculty advising. Peer advisors are knowledgeable undergraduate students in Art & Design, Music, and Theatre. Peer Advisors hold regularly scheduled hours in 107 Montague. 
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