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Image of tele-present exhibit

David Bowen Exhibition Items

David Bowen associate professor in Art and Design current/upcoming exhibitions and activities:
image of exhibition poster

Annual Student Exhibition & Open Studios 2018

The Department of Art & Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth invites the public to attend both the Open Studio Events at UMD as... more
paula gudmundson play the flute outside

Paula Gudmundson on Making it Up North PBS

Paula Gudmundson, Building Community Through Music

The Art and Science of Sturgeon

UMD's Ryuta Nakajima mixes art and Great Lakes science.

Interacting with Art

UMD student inspires children to appreciate the Tweed Museum.
posters hanging at Zeitgeist

Amplifying the Message

UMD graphic design students raise money for the Duluth NAACP
image of one of the artists work

Territory:Emerging Photographers 2017

The Duluth Art Institute features UMD photographers in exhibition.
Melanie Marnich & Lee Blessing

Gonska Artist Symposium

Featuring playwrights Melanie Marnich & Lee Blessing

Behind the Scenes at the Halftime Show

2017 grad lands a gig at the big game.
Will Brueggemann and photo from Antigone

Will Bruggeman

Music student honored at Regional Theater Festival for original composition


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