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Rob Wittig


Professional title

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design


Rob has worked for years in the graphic design and publishing world, at one time heading the R&D unit of the Chicago educational publishing firm, Ligature; consulting for companies such as VSA Partners, Animate Architects, Faust, Incognito Design, DeCode, & TOCA; consulting with Cal Arts to facilitate restructuring of their grad program, and being a partner of Rick Valicenti of Thirst. The focus of Rob's creative research is visual/verbal narrative in electronic media. Rob Wittig is co-founder  of IN.S.OMNIA, a literary electronic bulletin board system that pioneered the creative possibilities of the web and has been termed "legendary" by cyber-chronicler Howard Rheingold. Rob was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Paris to work with Jacques Derrida and Jean-Francois Lyotard studying technical, artistic, and theoretical aspects of creating visual/verbal literary works with online publishing technologies. Rob's book based on this research, "Invisible Rendezvous, Connection and Collaboration in the New Landscape of Electronic Writing" (Wesleyan University Press), is an analysis and sourcebook for electronic literature and is used as a textbook in North America and Europe. Rob's web-based visual verbal narratives are taught in electronic literature and digital arts programs in the US and Europe, and his "Fall of the Site of Marsha" was included in the first collection of electronic literature entered in to the Library of Congress. Rob is currently developing high-design, collaborative fiction in a form called netprov, networked improv narrative.