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Sarah Hinz | Theatre BA, Dance Studies & Organizational Management Minor

July 28, 2017

Sarah graduated from UMD SFA in 2017

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Zoo Keeper and Actress

What major[s]/minor[s] did you graduate with?
Theatre BA with minors in Dance Studies and Organizational Management

Where do you live these days?
Burnsville, MN

Where do you work? What kind of work do you do?
Phone Reservationist at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

How are you involved with the arts in your current community?
Just networking right now!

What was your favorite class or project in college?
Managing Stage 2 Theatre Company and then directing Almost, Maine for them!

How did SFA professors influence you?
Helped me learn that the theatre world is bigger than just acting. Jenna Soleo-Shanks was wonderful in influencing me to see my full potential instead of one role.

What advice would you give to a incoming Theatre student?
Get outside the theatre. There is so much in this world besides MPAC. Go have experiences. They help make your art worthwhile.

What was your favorite local Duluth hangout in college?
Zeitgeist Atrium

What is the most inspiring thing that has happened to you since graduating from UMD SFA?
Getting accepted into 24 Hour Plays Nationals!

What was your biggest takeaway from UMD SFA?
You are enough.

How did you make the decision to attend UMD for school?
Best theatre school in the state and Chicago was too expensive.