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Whether it is your time, your talent, or your treasure, your act of philanthropy feels good, because it does good.

Philanthropy is defined by the leading professional fundraising associations as "… based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life."

May we also add to that definition that "Giving feels good. Good because it does good." 

Philanthropy is a communion of mission and means that elevates us to a higher plain - for a greater purpose. 

The School of Fine Arts has a mission to prepare the upcoming generation for success so that they may give to the next generation, and to the next, and to the next. You may have the means to help make this happen.

You may wish to support a talented musician, actor, or graphic artist through scholarships...

You may wish to provide these talented youth with the best facilities in which they may create their future…

You may wish to support a faculty member through a fellowship … 

Learn how far your philanthropy can reach.

Financial contributions

Financial contributions to the University are managed by the UMD Development Office. Generous gifts to the University of Minnesota Duluth from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations provide the resources necessary for awarding scholarships and fellowships to students, recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff, improving and equipping learning and research facilities, and advancing the University's reputation for excellence. The UMD School of Fine Arts accepts gifts in a variety of forms so that prospective donors may choose the types of gifts that best match their philanthropic goals and the needs of the University.

The "Buy a Seat" campaign is one unique way to specifically support the UMD School of Fine Arts. With a gift of $600, payable over three years or less, donors can use this opportunity to honor a teacher, remember a friend, create a memorial or commemorate a birthday or anniversary. A beautiful plaque is displayed in either the Weber Music Hall or Marshall Performing Arts Center to represent each endowment, and your gift will help to continue important programs in the UMD School of Fine Arts. Additional giving opportunities are available within the School of Fine Arts. Please contact Senior Director of Development Rob Hofmann (218-726-7434 or for further details.

In-kind contributions

Over the years, many individuals have given sculptures, paintings, period clothing/fabric, building materials, and other types of personal property to UMD. Our facilities and programs would certainly not have the quality collections they do if it were not for the generosity of our many donors. A gift of this nature can involve various regulations, and our Senior Director of Development (Rob Hofmann, 218-726-7434 or can assist you if you have specific questions or wish to inquire whether your donation will be usable.

Gifts of your time and talents

The units of the UMD School of Fine Arts welcome volunteers in a variety of areas. Please contact the following areas for details and to learn about the current opportunities.

Tweed Museum of Art - gallery teacher, greeter, education, resource center, registrarial assistant, exhibitions, museum store, graphic design. Visit the Tweed volunteering page for additional information.

Music /Theatre - ushering for concerts or theater performances (see the performance for free), publicity/distribution of posters and other marketing materials, backstage construction crew, sewing/costume shop. Contact the Ticket Office (218-726-8561) for additional information.

Your gift to the UMD School of Fine Arts will change lives. Giving has a way of setting the stage for great success. Just like an accomplished performer, philanthropy plays multiple roles in a civil society. Yet the role you play in partnership with the UMD School of Fine Arts is the lead role to enhance human potential. At the UMD School of Fine Arts your gift makes the difference. 

Your gift to the UMD School of Fine Arts funds scholarships which help young adults go beyond their perceived limits and reach their full potential… 

Your gift to the UMD School of Fine Arts funds talented faculty members who tirelessly challenge the boundaries of knowledge and experience to open up new horizons to their students… 

Your gift to the UMD School of Fine Arts funds programs and facilities that provide fertile ground for exploration, experimentation and change.

You make this possible.

Make a gift and help secure a great future for UMD and the UMD School of Fine Arts. For further assistance, please contact me at 218-726-7434, or


Rob Hofmann, Senior Director of Development