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THE PERFECT FIT for someone who wishes to develop a broad-based liberal arts experience here at UMD. A degree offering the foundation for endless possibilities.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program allows students to explore practical training in various aspects of the performing arts, while defining their own path towards a career within or beyond the professional theatre. Students in the BA program have the flexibility to take advanced academic courses across the university, to pursue interdisciplinary projects, and to explore study abroad opportunities. With a rich liberal arts approach to theatre as a fine art and cultural expression, as well as a business, our alumni are prepared for innumerable careers, as well as graduate work in programs including arts management, dramaturgy, playwriting, directing, and education.

The B.A. degree is designed for students who wish to develop a broad-based liberal arts foundation for possible careers in dramaturgy, playwriting, dramatic theory, theatre history, directing, playwriting or like fields.

Learning Outcomes (PDF)

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Theatre BA 2017-2018 Worksheet and Four Year Plan

GPA of at least 2.00 in the major field required for graduation.