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Theory and Composition B.Mus.

Department of Music

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This is a degree program designed to prepare students for an active career as a composer and music theorist or for future studies at the graduate level.

Students who pursue the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in theory-composition will develop their individual creativity through courses that emphasize a deep exploration of aesthetics and technique. Mentored by faculty who are actively producing artists, students work toward professional- level public performances of original compositions throughout their collegiate career, grounded in a core curriculum of harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, form and analysis, as well as ensemble and studio work. With unique opportunities for performances and recordings, theory-composition majors at UMD enter the professional world with a high level of experience that allows their musical visions to take flight in a new light.

You will be engaged in courses taught by our outstanding composition faculty who are designed to emphasize a deep exploration of techniques to develop a students' creativity in the area of music composition and theory.

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