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Music B.A.

Department of Music

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The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a program specifically designed to allow those who have passion & talent in many fields to continue to pursue a career that involves music.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive study of music within a liberal arts context. The B.A. degree program allows students the flexibility to combine their intensive study of music with advanced academic course work in other disciplines, possibly leading to a second major or minor, resulting in a truly unique and personalized academic program. This degree offers students a myriad of many career options in music and/or related fields, such as arts administration, private studio teaching, or studio musicianship, in addition to advanced music study at the graduate level.

Studies involve taking core music courses and lessons and participating in ensembles with a schedule that allows for coursework in a student’s second field of study. Students with this major typically work in the areas of arts administration, private studio teaching or studio musicianship.

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