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Experience the UMD Band by joining an ensemble

Instruments and Lockers

Those of you who need to use a UMD instrument may check out an instrument and/or personal locker for your instrument according to the following schedule: Monday, August 27–Friday, August 31 by appointment in room Chester Park Rehearsal Room (CP B13). You will find out more details at the first rehearsals. You may also check out an instrument by appointment. Please contact Please see UMD Band bulletin board for additional times. (Located outside Humanities 226) 

Auditions for UMD Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Concert Band

Auditions will begin Monday, August 27 and will be held in Humanities 226. There will be a sign-up sheet outside the office (Humanities 226). Please make every effort to sign-up early for your audition. Do not wait for the last available time if possible. 

Audition Materials
The audition material is available for you on the UMD Bands Web Site and will also be on the UMD Bands Bulletin Board located in the Humanities Hall close to Humanities 226.  The UMD Bands Web Site is

Students wishing to audition on percussion should sign - up for a time on Dr. Koshinski's office door at 248 Humanities. Percussion audition material will be available August 2018.

IN PLACE OF PLAYING THE PREPARED MUSIC, You may also prepare a portion(s) of a solo and/or etude representing your best playing. A selection of contrasting styles would be preferred. This is not required!

  • Several scales and/or arpeggios.
  • Some basic sight-reading.

  • 4 - Don’t worry!!!!

For more details read the Letter from the Director of Bands, Mark Whitlock

mark whitlock
Director of Bands/Trombone/Director of Graduate Studies
226 Humanities
(218) 726-6124
Tim B

Tim Broscious

Instructor of Percussion; Director of Athletic Bands
22 Chester Park
(218) 726-8425