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Events | Please note Art & Design events will start up again in the fall with the new academic year.


Ninja Bulldog

Megan Rowe is busy this graduation day 2019.

Commemorating Distinction

UMD pays tribute to Gendron Jensen.

“Beads: Northern Traditions and Inspirations"

Art Education Professor Alison Aune hosts two workshops as part of Nordic Center exhibition.
UMD Emerging Photographers 2019

UMD Emerging Photographers 2019

Works selected for Duluth Art Institute exhibit

Three Days that Launched an Adventure

Johan and Susan Severtson are still making the world take notice.

Liz James Solo Exhibition

James' work is currently on display at Columbia College in Columbia, Mo.

Art Education Professor's Exhibit in Chicago

Art & Design Professor Alison Aune shares exhibit with her sister.

David Bowen Recent Exhibitions & Activities

Art and design professor's work appears in national and international art exhibits.

Gloria Brush Work in Exhibition

Several photos featured in International Magic Silver 2019 exhibition.


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