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From MoCap animation to virtual environments - we play, create and discover in the Labs!

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Ongoing research at the UMD Viz Lab

The Viz Lab is a hub for multi-disciplinary research opportunities. Throughout the year, faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers utilize the lab to explore the integration of visualization technologies with data gathering and presentation. Current research focus is on improving the public outreach of scientific research through graphic design.

Along with faculty research, the Viz Lab also facilitates the exploration of new technologies and techniques, including game and animation experimentation, video production and the defining of informational, user-centered kiosk development within the university.

Data Visualization Techniques

Please view our powerpoint about data visualization techniques.


Below you will find research that has been done within our labs.

-2003 Publications and Exhibits.pdf

2005-2004 Publications,Exhibits, Perfomances and Films.pdf

2006-2007 Publications,Exhibits, Perfomances and Films.pdf

2007 Summer Research Reports.pdf

2008 Publications.pdf

2009 Publications, Exhibits, and Performances.pdf

2010 Publications, Exhibits, and Performances.pdf

2011 Publications,Exhibits, Perfomances and Films.pdf

2012 Publications,Exhibits, Perfomances and Films.pdf

2013 Publications and Exhibits.pdf

2014 Publications and Exhibits.pdf