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Suzuki Talent Education

Our program fosters listening and review through encouragement and daily parental guidance.

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Celebrating thirty years as a vital component of the UMD Fine Arts Academy, the Lake Superior Suzuki Talent Education Program (LS-STEP) is committed to offering musical training that supports the Suzuki Philosophy of learning and  follows international standards set forth by the Suzuki Method of teaching.

With LS-STEP, children as young as age three can explore their musical interests in a method often referred to as the “Mother Tongue” which fosters listening and review, with parents playing an important role. Instruction is available on violin, viola, cello, harp, guitar, flute and piano. Students attend weekly private lessons as well as group classes and perform all year. Chamber music ensembles, orchestra, and music theory classes are also available making LS-STEP an exceptional program for comprehensive musical development.


begin in the fall semester although occasional circumstances necessitate a spring semester start-up. Please download the New Parent Information packet or contact the Fine Arts Academy office at 218-726-7090. Once you decide that LS-STEP is the right fit for your family, please complete the Application Form. At that time, you will be contacted by program director, Janell Lemire. If there are no immediate openings, you may be placed on a wait list. Priority is given to siblings of current Fine Arts Academy students and Suzuki trained students transferring from another area. Once your child is placed in the program, you will be enrolled in weekly Parent Orientation classes beginning in September.


should consult with their instructors regarding recommended lesson length and scheduling. Registration materials and program information is sent by mail prior to each semester and is also on this website. New this year, is our online registration process. Families may now register and pay directly online! An optional payment plan is available as well. Register HERE.

A Suzuki Parent Organization is available as a support group for LS-STEP families. Functioning under a board of directors, the Parent Board meets monthly, organizing fundraisers, the bi-annual Fall Festival, and assists with recitals. This group also aids in making workshops and masterclasses available to students and faculty. Tuition and instrument loans are available through this dedicated group of LS-STEP parents.

Tuition Rates

Per semester prices:

½ hour lessons $514

¾ hour lessons $671

1 hour lessons $830

Music Theory Class

$42.50 for 1 class, $85 for 2-6 classes


$ 90.00

Interested in Renting? 

394 S. Lake Ave
Suite 320
Duluth, MN

132 E. Superior St
Duluth, MN

MUSIC-GO-ROUND (218-727-1420)
105 E Central Entrance
Duluth, MN

SCHMITT MUSIC (218-727-8341)
Miller Hill Mall
Duluth, MN

As your family’s instrument needs change, you can use this convenient opportunity to move up to a larger instrument while serving the needs of fellow families.  We encourage families to take advantage of the Exchange Program.  It is important to keep our “Instrument Exchange List” up-to-date, so as you purchase or sell instruments from the Exchange, please call Susan Sivertson at 525-3720. 

SHAR (800-248-7427)
      A fantastic music catalogue from Ann Arbor, MI, which has string instruments and needed accessories 

SOUTHWEST STRINGS (800-528-3430)
      This is a great string catalogue out of Tucson, AZ selling string instruments and accessories.

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