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MAKING A PLAY. It's your time to be in the spotlight. Everything you need to know about auditions, practicum courses, and your time working in UMD Theatre productions.

Auditions are open to all students without regard to major. Casting decisions are made solely on the basis of selecting the performer who would best bring a role to life on the stage before an audience.

Excerpt from UMD's 2016 Production of Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco

Theatre Practicum Courses

All BFA Theatre Majors are required to enroll in a Theatre Practicum course each semester they are enrolled as full time students. Please visit the Practicum Course Guide for details.

TH 1301 Stagecraft, TH 1401 Costume Construction I, and TH 1501 Stage Lighting I count as Theatre Practicum courses since Practicum labs are built into each course.

Students cast in a UMD Theatre production should enroll in either TH 1199 Acting Practicum, or TH 3199 Acting Practicum II, depending on the size of the role in which they're cast.

TH 1699 Running Crew Practicum are options available to students not enrolled or eligible for TH 1301, TH 1401, TH 1501, TH 1199, or TH 3199.

Students with prior experience may be eligible for TH 3699 Production Management or TH 4399 Theatre: Special Projects.

Department of Theatre Handbook

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